Monitoring and alerting system + Cayenne


About This Project

A simple project for monitoring temperature and pressure using BMP180 and an LED to tell me that if the pressure is below or above a certain value.

I am sensitive to pressure changes and it gives me the heads up

What’s Connected

Raspberry Pi 2 + BMP180 + Green LED

Triggers & Alerts

Two triggers are used: one to shut the LED off when Pressure is below 997 hPa and one to shut it on when above


No scheduling

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project


One thing I noted when working on this project is that the BMP180 device in the GUI is broken. When you select unit (Pa or hPa) then the pressure indicator stops working all together.


Cool simple project :slight_smile: Thanks so much for sharing!

Yes, that is a bug that we will be fixing. @rsiegel adding you here to make you aware.