MQTT client cannot connect Cayenne service

I have developed an application in C using Cayenne-MQTT-C, which is running on a Raspberry PI3.

I have added the Raspberry PI3 as “bring your own thing”

The application works as expected when I test the system at work or at home, however when I try to run the application on the network where is going to be monitoring a motor, the MQTT client cannot connect to Cayenne.

Also, I have installed myDevices Cayenne on PI3, and it works on all networks I have tested, including the network where the MQTT client is not working.

Based on what I have been able to debug at this point, it looks like the problem happens inside the function:

int MQTTConnect(MQTTClient* c, MQTTPacket_connectData* options)

BTW, I’m using Cayenne MQTT C Library as it is. I did not modify any of the files.

Also,based on the information I have received, no ports are being blocked on the network, but I still need confirmation on this.

I would appreciate if anyone can give some pointers or hints on what could be happening.


Hi @red,

Sorry for not following up here…did you find any resolution?