Not able to connect to Cayenne using MQTT



Yesterday I have connected an ESP32 / DHT21 based sensor to Cayenne using MQTT (using the “Bring your own thing” button on a WEB dashboard). To validate and try the data (username, password, clientid, topic, message payload) before using the ESP32 / DHT21 I used MQTT.fx. Yesterday it was working fine both ways, that is with the MQTT.fx client and also with the ESP32 / DHT21 node. Today neither of them are working (I still have the data from yesterday…). I tried adding another end node as well, but it didn’t work either (neither from the ESP32 nor MQTT.fx). I also created a new account to test the whole process, but I was not able to connect end nodes with MQTT to the new account either (it was showing " Waiting for board to connect…"). I tested port 1883 to the Internet, it is working because I can connect to my own MQTT broker running on a cloud based web server).

The interesting thing is that when I connect to using MQTT.fx to add a new end node, the connection seems ok, but the " Waiting for board to connect…" message is not going away on the dashboard.

Has anyone else experienced the same thing today?

Is there something obvious that I am missing?

Thanks for helping me!


Hi @gabor.

We’re investigating an issue right now when we released some new code…I’ll update you when we believe the issue is fixed.



Thanks, I will wait for your reply.



How’s it going now?



Hello Benny,

It is working fine!