MQTT Conversion questions

I am in process of converting my devices to MQTT before deadline :slight_smile:

I am using Bring your own device + standalone esp
By now everything that is transfered works, just some questions so i and everyone else know that the problem is not on our side

  1. Android app is showing grayed icon but data received is realtime, is this grayed icon normal state until next update of app or do i need to fix something?
  2. I am using virtualWrite to send sensor readings, but when sensors got added to dashboard after connection there is no Unit text (Celsius etc) writen under the Value.
    Should i use celsiusWrite, or should i add widgets manualy to get Unit text displayed?

Also Cayenne docs have this line

“There are many ways to read and send sensor data. Depending upon what device you are using and what goals you have in mind, you may choose a different way.”

I have searched, but except the example codes, i did not find any, i there list with this commands?

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Thank you that is the list i was looking for, that managed to solve my Unit issue adding TYPE_TEMPERATURE, UNIT_CELSIUS adds Unit under the value in dashboard.

Now it leaves it only with app issue, since live view is ok even ifi device icon is grayed, and not a big problem, but when i try to edit triggers over mobile it says that the device is offline

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