Multifunctional RGB LED light

About This Project

Then you start working with microcontrollers, embedded systems or IoT the first tutorial usually shows how to blink the LED.
When you start using Cayenne it offers the same - “Let’s add a luminosity actuator widget.” So I decided to do this, but in a slightly more complex way.
I started with Arduino Uno, three colour LED and motion detector. Connect all the components, write some simple code and here you have it - a colourful automatic LED light. Using PWM you can control its brightness and colour.
I added three Luminosity widgets to my dashboard to control LEDs colour and brightness, also motion sensor widget and button widget to turn on/off the light.

What’s Connected

Arduino Uno;
Ethernet shield;
PIR Motion Sensor;
RGB LED module;
LED controller.

Triggers & Alerts

I set the trigger to light up the red LED then motion is detected and another one to send me a notification SMS. When the motion is detected the red LED is on and Cayenne sends a notification SMS. To turn off the LED we need to set up another trigger.


I use scheduling feature to set the wake up light alarm. Also if I leave home for a long period of time I can set this light to turn on and of to help give the appearance that there is someone at home.

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project

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