Easy IoT RGB Bed Lamp From Used Stuff With Cayenne


About This Project

Hi there.
I wanna share how to create IoT RGB Bed Lamp from used stuff and controlled by Cayenne.
This lamp can controlled with Red, Green, Blue Slider over the Internet via Cayenne apps
Not difficult to create this project, but so usefull. :wink:

What’s Connected

NodeMCU ESP12E, Rainbow LED FC102

Triggers & Alerts

No Triggers & Alerts Define


No Scheduling

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project

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That’s a really super project, especially for children. I usually work with the Raspberry Pi so bear with :). Have you thought about adding something like an LDR so that if the room reaches a certain darkness then it will turn on? :slight_smile:


It can be done with trigger function on Cayenne sir. By the way, i want to add something like animation. :wink:


Can you use the lamp with pwm function? Those are neopixel leds?