Multile access to Cayenne @ same time


hi there,

a priciple question: My idea is to control some parts of my home vie Cayenne mobile access on several devices.
What happens if more than one device has opend Cayenne and running the app at same time? Is data integrety guarantied or how will the system behave. (e.g. one sendig a 0 and the other device a 1 state) ?

Thanks for commenting


Hello Sir and Welcome to the Cayenne Community,

You can add whatever number of devices you want to your Cayenne Dashboard.
The system will behave as follows: You will see all the connected devices on the left side of the Dashboard, and when you click some of the device, you will see the widgets that are related to this device, BUT if you want to combine a dashboard with a widgets from different devices (no matter how many or what type of) you can make a new project with the plus sign on the top of the window. There you can add the different widgets from the devices that you want.

If you have any questions regarding this functionality of the platform, do not hesitate to ask :slight_smile:


Thanks sound good.
My question was different: I access the dashboard with several devices (eg. phones , PC, …) at the same time.
What happens ?


Nothing “happens” as far as I have seen. It should function normally though I have not specifically tested if buttons states and values are updated properly across all the devices, though I can’t see why it wouldn’t.


I have tested and they are upgrading properly. I have a button widget that is updating as expected. Of course not with the speed of the light but after some seconds :wink: