Cayenne dashboard , computer web browser and mobile app sync issue


I dropped below mail to as well. Attachments are sent via email. Looking for quick response.

Dear Team,

I am facing couple of issues with Cayenne web and mobile application. Please find the issues below,

  1. Widget sync between web and ios app is not working. Please find attached screen shots.

  2. Not able to view Remote Access in dashboard in both web and ios app.

  3. If you check the screen shot “web dashboard”, I have deleted widget for storage, CPU and other but it is is still visible in “IOS dashboard”

  4. If you check the screen shot “web dashboard” , for light widget, I have choose the icon light but in ios dashboard it is showing digital value. When I analyzed it, I noticed that in ios choose widget is automatically changing to “Twostate” where as I have selected Button in web .

  5. Scheduling is not working for me. When I create an event to stop or to start Light widget at certain time, I only find reboot or shutdown under Action. Attached the screen shot for your reference. I watched a video (, in that it was showing Turn on / Turn off under Action.

Please suggest the solution for all these issues at the earliest.


Welcomme to the cayenne community @girishpatil795

this is the limitation of agent 2.0. have a look at this Raspberry Pi Agent 2.0

this two are known issue and will be fixed in next new app release.

can you share a screenshot here of this bug?


May I know when will be the updated app release ? . I have attached both the screen shots.


can give an ETA, but will out by end of this month.


We are hoping to release mobile app updates this week.


Hope new updates will solve sync issue between mobile app and web app. Did you get chance to review the screen shots I shared few minutes ago ?, I noticed the widgets removed from web app are still appearing in mobile app.


Hi @girishpatil795:

In the meantime, you can create a project and manage your widgets that way. You can see the project on your mobile app and you will only see the widgets you included.


Will there won’t be sync issue if I create project? I am not understanding why the configuration I made in web app is not reflecting exactly in mobile app. Could you share me any document or video link that shows the procedure to create project effectively please.


To create a project, simply click on + , top tab, and give it a name. Then drag the Pi to the project dashboard and it will pop up a dialog where you can select the exact sensors you want to include. These are the only widgets you will see on the project dashboard and the only widgets you should see in the project dashboard of the mobile app (I believe this is what you mean by sync, right?).

If you add more sensors or another device, like another rpi or arduino, you can add those widgets to the same project using the steps above. You shouldn’t see any of the green widgets on project view.

The reason you see those green widgets in the device dashboard, is to help you know that a sensor or other digital device is connected to your Pi that you may want to add to said dashboard. The CPU/Storage/RAM are default for the Pi, so even if you remove the widget, those reading still exist in the device, and trigger the green widgets. So it isn’t necessarily a bug, but I know what you mean. We are trying to finding ways to improve that experience.


Thank you !! I will try it out and share you the feedback by tomorrow EOD.


@acedeno Thank you for your wonderful support. After creating project the widget in mobile app is working. I will monitor it for 2 more days and check.

I was looking after the live data and it give me status of the sensor along with time stamp. As I am using appliances like Fan and Light. Is it possible to get electricity consumption of these appliances under live data or with any other option?


you will have to manual add a sensor which reads electricity consumption data and then send it to cayenne using