Multiple ESP8266 devices - offline after 90 seconds

I have a number of ESP8266 devices sending temperature data to Cayenne. I had been sending data roughly every 30 seconds, but to reduce the amount of data being sent over a low bandwidth cell network, I changed the polling interval to send data from each device once every 5 minutes. I then noticed each device went “offline” in the dashboard after some time. After some investigation I determined the devices would go offline at 90 seconds if no additional data was sent to Cayenne. After 5 minutes, the device would connect again and become online, but the temperature data is not being updated in the dashboard.

Without changing the polling interval to send multiple data points within 90 seconds to ensure the device remains online, should Cayenne record the temperature data even after being offline for 5 minutes?


you can try this approach Battery Powered ESP8266 Temperature/Humidity Monitor with DHT11

That worked. Thanks