My project from Brazil

Hi Commmunity

I live in Brazil and this is my first project in Cayenne.

My intention was to try different ways of seeing sensors working and communicating with other applications, for example, I have an Arduino with Ethernet shield, in it is connected an LED, a servo motor, a photoresistor, a buzer, a PIR sensor, a photransistor , A thermistor, and a button that simulates a level sensor of a water reservoir.

In another application, I’m using an Arrduino Nano, with other shields, a DC motor, which is driven by a mosfet, a relay, and a shield with buttons that are attached to an analog port, each of which has a different resistance, so , When I press one of them I see in a gauge the measured value.

Both projects are integrated but not physically, but via triggers.

For example, if the Arduino UNO photoresistor rises to a certain amount of ohms, it turns the relay on the Arduino Nano, if the sensor of the UNO (simulated button) is at logic level 0, it triggers the DC motor of the Arduino Nano.

I also connected an ESP8266-12E, where I just turn on and off the blue LED that comes embedded in the board.

Here the foto:

Here is a video on my youtube channel

Greetings to every community from Brazil!

Thanks, Carlos Kwiek. :slight_smile:


Can you share code and schematic ?


Yes I Can! I’ll prepare and send it to you.

Thank you


Very cool, thank you for sharing with us!

thanks :slight_smile: I will be waiting :slight_smile:

Hi friend, :slight_smile:

Please see

Thank you.


oi tem como passar mais informações e código?

Olá veja o link AQUI

Boa sorte!