Need help with a smartphone app


1.Tell me why the alignment of the widgets in the section “PROJECTS” is stored only on the PC? On the phone after setting the desired order of widgets everything is reset!

  1. And another question is whether the scaling of widgets in the mobile application will be available?


We are aware of this bug and trying to solve this.
can you try a workaround.

  • create the widget according to order you want and increasing channel number. example: if you want to create 4 widgets with the name xyz1, xyz2, xyz3, xyz4. Create xyz1 first then xyz2 and so on.
  • now add them all together to your dashboard and they will be in the order they were created.

it is on cayenne roadmap.


Where? Drag and drop widgets in the mobile application is clear how and how to scale them? You can screen give?


it is on cayenne roadmap means we will add this in future.