Nested Triggers

It would be really cool if you could have nested triggers where you can build additional or multiple conditions and/or actions.

Build multiple if statements with logical joiners (AND, OR, NOT etc)
Build multiple then statements with logical (AND) joiners.


If Pin5 on Arduino#1 is reading HIGH
If Pin3 on Arduino#2 is reading LOW
If Pin-A0 on Arduino#3 is less than 500

Turn on LED (i.e Set Pin 6 to HIGH on Arduino#2)
Sound Buzzer (on Arduino #4)
Send email alert to designated email

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Hey Scott,

I agree with you, and I love to think how Project ability will increase once we release this feature. This is definitely on our roadmap. We also plan to allow you to insert some custom code into triggers statements, which would enable you to input your own trigger nested IF/THEN statements to your hearts desire!


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