Build Multiple Conditions with Trigger Logic

Is it possible or would it be possible to add logic? If a temp/pressure/whatever goes above a certain limit an output is switched, possibly add multiple conditions in series or parallel to build a logic tree.

Not sure if it’s for another idea but should a condition be met it would be super to have an output to email a message to a specific email adr.

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Just noticed there are alarms and triggers under the menu, helps a lot but basic, would be perfect if you could build multiple conditions

We actually just released our triggers and alerts (T&A) feature. Check it out and let us know what you think…we’ll be improving this constantly, but wanted to give everyone here a ‘sneak peek’.

What do you mean by multiple conditions? Our T&A allows for many triggers to be made. Do you mean allow multiple ‘thens’ per a single ‘if’?

Yes, talking about multiple and’s / or’s per if.

I think that’s where we will go…I guess for right now, you’ll have to create multiple statements to achieve nested if/then logic. So, statement1: if temp increases, then turn on fan. & statement2: if temp increases, turn on lights.

Great feedback! Thanks.


Ok… What If I only want to switch on the lights if the light sensor for example is less than a limit and there is movement in the room… This Can be achieved by multiple conditions within a statement.

Ah yes I see. I’ll put this in our product roadmap!


I think it’s related to what Andrew mentioned on Trigger Logic Toggle and Threshold
It’s all about A&T improvement

Hi I am looking to add some logic to my project for example turn on pump if sensor A is more than 10 degrees greater than sensor B. Is this possible ?

Currently, that logic is not possible with Cayenne. We are beefing up our trigger logic, and will also allow you to input custom code, so in the future this will be possible.


Hi, Any news on this? It’s a very old thread but I can’t see that the discussed functionality has now been implemented?


Hi Germaine, Unfortunately this item is still on the road map but it’s a hot requested item so hang in there. Until it’s implemented there are way to accomplish more complicated triggers but it requires a bit of coding. What are you trying to do?

HI, My system controls the dampers for a plenum in a theatre, it is important that before one damper shuts (dependent on temperature) that the other dampers are at least partially open, therefore something like

If Temp > 21


2nd Floor Damper Position = OPEN


Close 1st Floor Damper


Good use case @germaine.williams, thanks for sharing that. And you’re right, this feature request has been around a very long time. We’re making a few trigger enhancements and then will switch to building multiple conditions :slight_smile:

Would love to see a video of your project in action!


Yeah, I’ll get a video together. We were quoted thousands for a none wireless solution ?7000+ and using your platform we were able to deliver a working and more convenient solution in house for 1/10th the cost. We do struggle with connectivity with the esp when there are hundreads of phones in the auditorium but that’s not a reflection on your platform. I think you’re right to consider this a priority, as it suddenly makes the whole system much more powerful.

@germaine.williams what you are trying to accomplish can be given a try and can be done with a bit of long way and coding. is it ok for you??

I join. it would be great and fun to be able to insert more conditions or scenarios

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Great and really fun!

Hi Guys,
Any news on this?

not yet.