New feature for Triggers

Allow switch on dashboard to enable certain triggers as well as have ability to have the if x then enable or disable specific triggers by an event.

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Hi @boxter,

Welcome to the Cayenne Community, glad to have you.

We do have an updated features planned on our roadmap to increase the power of triggers, like conditional triggers that will fire based on the state of other dashboard items, time activated triggers, and even triggers containing your custom code, which will really open up this feature for more powerful solutions.

It might be a little hacky but you could accomplish the first request (Allow switch on dashboard to enable certain triggers) now by making a light switch button widget on your dashboard and setting the trigger to fire based on the state of that button. It doesn’t even need to be connected to anything on an actual Pi. Definitely not ideal but to tide you over while we improve the Triggers functionality.

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In addition to increase the “power of triggers” inside the Cayenne app, I was wondering if it is feasible to add a functionality to read out data from an online outlook email account (

More specific:
For my home automation project, my wife and I using a shared MS outlook calender.
If we are having an appointment outside our home, the appointment in outlook carries the status “out of office”. Based on that information, this status triggers my own built security system to set to active.
It can be even used to control your central heating system in your home.
“busy, free, tentative, and out of office” are currently the implemented states in MS outlook calender.
Would be fantastic in relation with the “geo-fencing” idea:

Further more:
If we have scheduled a visit from friends at our home, this appointment carries the status “busy” in our shared MS outlook calender. It would be create in relation to underneath topic (dusk/dawn) to implement the possibility to create “light mood” features (garden lights on, front door lights on, parking lights on, etc.).

And even further more:
As we are talking about “light mood”, it could take us a step further if there would be a possibility to setup different light moods and give them a specific name. For example at a certain moment you go with your invited friends from the dining room towards the living room, by clicking on “living room” as a light mood (whether or not controlled by the dusk feature), certain lights will be off, other will be switched on, or even be dimmed to a certain dim level.

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If you go to the scheduling dashboard I think it will do what you want it to do, without the sync with another calendar part. Being able to sync a external calendar is something that would make sense to me, but you would still have to set the additional parameters for what you want that schedule entry to do once it’s in there. Maybe the Cayenne team can figure out some slick way to pull it off!

The scheduling dashboard is just great, but should be possible to link/sync to another calender. Ofcourse you still need to set the additional parameters. Unless the link/sync is based on the states “busy, out of office, etc.” Via those states additional parameters can also be set.

Can’t wait untill next app update! :slight_smile:

When will we be able to have the timers on the triggers.?
You say we can control trigger statements from dashboard but how would the widget disable a trigger I can’t seem to find that I can only enable or disable the trigger manually on the specific trigger.
I am really interested in being able to turn a gpio on for a specific number of minutes having time would be great


Sorry for the delay on these, we’ve had to balance Community-requested features with a lot of enterprise level stuff that allows us to keep the lights on for the free Cayenne product. We do indeed still have timers on the roadmap – the latest one I have shows them scheduled for Q2 of 2017, so here we are :slight_smile:

I’ll be sure to update as soon as I know more. In the meantime, Have you considered connecting your device through the 'Bring Your Own Thing 'MQTT API? This way you could write logic for things like timers into your own code that interacts with Cayenne and get this feature ahead of our development schedule.

Thank you!

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