New sensors with raspberry pi

hlo, this is wonderful platform but i am looking more

acutely i making a car and i have to used the temperature,humidity sensor and hall effect speed sensor . but i am confuse which sensor and how to integrate with it cayenne. i am using the raspberry 3 to attach the all sensor.please help if any one can help me.
i am also confuse in bring your own thing. i am not understanding how to integrate with my raspberry pi 3.
thanks in advance…

New sensors can be added using MQTT.

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HI @cooltyagi45,

There are some sensors that are natively supported in Cayenne, and as @tad.dvor mentioned any other sensor can be added using Cayenne’s MQTT API.

Have you read MQTT documentation yet? Perhaps you can start by following a great tutorial here that goes over how to add dht11 sensor to Raspberry Pi over MQTT.


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Can you give me some idea how a i can calculate the speed of my car in rpm . i want to connect with it raspberry pi.or any code for calculating it.

Here is a guide for reading a hall effect sensor Once you get it working correctly without Cayenne we can help integrate it in a script to upload to the Cayenne dashboard.

ok. i tested it and working correctly now how to integrate it…with cayenne dashboard

Sir, Complete it s working correctly now how to show data on cayenne.

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Sir, it is not showing data on cayenne . my rpm sensor is working correct but not showing on your dashboard

Can you post your code or PM me so I can take a look?

What is your email id …

what is your email id

You can just click my name then click the blue message button for a private message