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I just this AM logged into Cayenne. I have a P3 with a BME280 connected to it. I would like to setup monitoring Temp, Humidity and Pressure. I looked at the hardware list but all that was there is the BME180. Is there a “unofficial” work around?



For Raspberry Pi, not that I know of… but we will soon be opening up the ability to add any sensor to the Pi. If you have an Arduino you could easily add the BME280…



Any idea when that will be?



This upcoming week, with the release of our MQTT API :slight_smile:




Psychedelics were in play there happy happy ones


Thanks for the update. I am glad I just started this project then. :slight_smile:


Not being impatient at all :slight_smile: Did the MQTT API get released ?



Sure did! Here are the docs


Thanks Adam,

Now for my next question. I want to connect a BME280 Temp/Humidity/Pressure sensor to my Pi. Are there any tutorials on how to do that yet?



Not yet, I’m sure there will be plenty to come. I’m working on one for Arduino right now that should be done shortly but I’ll update it later with info on sending values with Raspberry Pi.


Thanks! More questions. Or at least one. Sharing a dashboard?

Thanks again


It’s on the road map, but not currently possible. Put a post in here to get some more momentum behind it How to set up a guest connection (share dashboard publicly)