I am trying to use a BMP280 which uses the same I2C commands as the BM180 but has a different I2C address. How do I change the default address of the BMP180 sensor on the dashboard s I can experiment with the BMP280?


A question for you @eptak

hi guys, we need to add the reference in our supported devices api so you can select it.

Any news here? I’m having exactly the same problem. I want to monitor temp, humidity and pressure. Will that be possible? @eptak @bestes

We’re still working on it. There are other fixes that are ahead in the ‘assembly line’ right now.

Are you sure the BMP280 also has humidity? I took a quick looks at the tutorial on Adafruit and it only referenced the pressure and temp., did I miss something?


I believe it’s the BM E 280 that adds humidity.


Moving to Ideas / Suggestions category so this can be road mapped. Hope you don’t mind.


No worries. Hopefully it gets worked on soon!

any news on this? i am having the same problem, i would like to use a BMP280.

Are you trying to get this working on the Pi? If so, do you have any existing code for this sensor?

Here is a link to the python code I have used with my bme280 on rpi. Does that help?

Thanks, i will try that out and let you know.

Hey anything new ? I want BME in Cayenne really bad.

I have a BME280 working on Cayenne from my ESP8266, just send the each of the sensor values (pressure, temp, humid) via separate virtual pins and assign them to the appropriate widgets. Its not as easy as using a supported device like the BMP180, but it works.

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Hi andrewawise

Can you post the code for arduino, I would like to use the D1 wemos and bme280

Many Thanks