Newbie - can't add new trigger


Can someone explain how to add a new trigger.
Say i want to have a simple switch connected to gpio 17.
Now, when i push the switch it sends and email.

Just can’t seem to be able to create a trigger nor select one from a list as there are none!


You can do a new trigger based on the value of GPIO17.

On the widget for your button click the settings wheel in the top right then click trigger:

From there just set up the relevant info:

@bestes It would be nice to have the device and sensor filled in automatically when creating a trigger from a widget.


Yep we need to do that. Just put it in our backlog. Once we get the API out, Cayenne team will move to community generated features and fixes…there is a healthy backlog of these :wink:



Thank you.
I thought I could create various Triggers, a list of icons that would be ready to Drag & Drop when needed into the “IF” area you have highlighted above?


I’m not sure I understand the question. You can drag devices from the side bar in to the main device area for the trigger but as of right now you can only select from a drop down which sensor you want the trigger to monitor. I guess they could rework it so you can drag sensors in too now that they show up in the sidebar.


Yep you’ll be able to directly drop sensors too :stuck_out_tongue: Rather than requiring dragging and dropping the device first.


I have attached a pic showing the exact issue. Thanks again!


For right now you have to drag the “Raspi” in to the trigger then select Digital Motion Sensor from the drop down that shows up after that. Dragging the sensor on to the if will be added in the future.


Got it at last! :slight_smile: