Nodemcu heartbeat monitor


hello every body…i’ve written my code to calculate Bpm and my device is connected to cayenne and i’ve set my dashboard and alerts…but i"m stuck in how to send my data to cayenne…any one could help me? c1


to send data you need to call this line at time interval Cayenne.virtualWrite(mqtt_channel_number, value, "type value", "unit value"); Data types for Cayenne MQTT API


thank you so much…
i need cayenne to work smutaneously with the amped heart sensor,i used the instruction;
but i have the following problem error: ‘class CayenneMQTTWiFiClient’ has no member named ‘run’;

could you help me with that?


I think you want Cayenne.loop(); instead. What device/connection method are you using?


@adam this issue was already solved in another post created by same user How to run cayenne continously with heart pulse in my code?