Nodemcu Without USB connection


Hi everyone,
I’m trying to Connect cayenne with my NodeMCU Lolin, i can do it with USB connection+Wifi

The question is Can i control Cayenne with Nodemcu with External poversupply without connection device to my computer via usb?



Hi @harunsivasli

Sure! That’s how I run my NodeMCUs ESP8266.
I plug them to the USB port for programming (uploading the sketch), and debugging.
Then just use a protoboard power supply, or a AC to +5v USB cellphone charger, and you are ready to go!

If your power supply is 5v, connect it to Vin and and GND pins.
If your power supply is 3.3v, connect it to 3.3V and GND pins.

If you are not sure how to do it, feel free to ask!



Thats exactly What i’m trying to do. And actually i’m not sure how to do it. I tried to add Nodemcu as device just like how i add Arduino and when i unplug the usb cable device goes offline. Could you please tell me how link Nodemcu or Arduino+esp8266 without USB cable after programming. Thanks for reply


Here is a brief article that talks about the various ways to power a arduino. Prob the easiest is using the usb connection and use a power cube like for a cellphone charger; thats what works good for myself. The nodeMCU can be done the same way. Other option is like @spacefolder said, using the VIN.


Thanks for the reply

but the issue is not the powering Arduino or nodemcu, the problem is how to Add device and maybe issue with the code

I do it Add Device / Arduino uno / Serial connection and write the code… when i unplug Nodemcu - Arduino+esp8266

the device goes offline.

Would you please tell me how to add device and if possible a share a simple code?


ohh I see. You are using the USB Serial connection to get online currently correct? If you are using nodeMCU, you want to set that up to use its wifi rather than a serial connections it stays connected. On your dashboard, in the upper left hand side go to “Add New” and then select “Generic ESP8266” and follow the instructions to get the sketch loaded onto the NodeMCU. The “Generic ESP8266” is meant to be loaded directly onto the device.

Is a NodeMCU the only micro controller your trying to get online or do you have other devices you are trying to get online too? Each device will likely need different methods of connecting… each device does needs its own ClientID or token to run for sure.


i was using arduino with USB cable but for the recent project i need to use ESP8266 without usb cable connected to pc. but i was using the same method how i link arduino with usb cable. ı watched some tutorials about esp8266 and nodemcu on youtube, they were using the same method like arduino connection but i could not see if the usb cable is plugged in or not.

So i will do try Generic ESP8266 connection, to not use usb cable. hope it works

Thanks for the replies


Good luck, let us know how it goes and if you run into any issues :slight_smile: The Generic ESP8266 setup only works running on a ESP8266(NodeMCU or similar) just a FYI.