NRF24l01+ wireless module

you should make a tutorial and an easy to configure NRF24l01+ wireless module script/copy/paste ith pinout diagram etc… as you said you are doing arduino integration.
This would make your cayenne project just pop that much more.
If the diagram said which pins were available for use had a diagram where to hook them up on the pi/arduino then after you picked which set of pins to use on the dashboard options it had a downloadable sketch script or a copy button to copy the script for sketch to your clipboard for use.

Just a nice little option you could add…I’ve been playing around with the NRF24l01+ wireless modules but I don’t get my temp sensor for another week or two ( thanks amazon china shippers…) so I haven’t gotten far enough to try and have cayenne read the arduino sensor data yet…

Hey @mase.hacker,

I’m going through backlog of forum posts and realized no one responded here, sorry about that.

We’ve recently released the Cayenne Arduino integration, perhaps you might see if you can get it working with the wireless module? I’ve seen ESP8266 get going with Cayenne.


The NRF transceivers are awesome as they employ a very useful burst mode. Load up a buffer, and fire it away. When receiving, CRC check, and raise a flag that good data is there to read.

It is not however like the ESP8266 which includes the wifi stack.

THE NRF transceivers could be used in Arduino to collect data from an external wireless sensor, but the protocol would be application specific and thus not very likely to be supported by Cayenne.

Another cool thing about the NRF is that it can be used in raw mode, thus you can even feed it a raw encrypted telemetry stream and it will happily Gaussian shape it to fit the channel and send it on to your receiver.

One could conceivably use this library, to create multiple transceiver pairs going through a single hub connected to an ethernet shield, with the business end each running the Cayenne library and a unique token, but the ESP8266 does it better.



Also to note, you can run an NRF from a CR2032 battery as you can keep the burst current below 10mA.

The ESP8266 will not run off these batteries as it slurps 80mA!


I started using the Cayenne platform and am quite impressed. i will start developing ESP8266 code using the arduino libraries and see what i can get working. the NRF wifi modules are useful but are not so flexible as the 8266 chips are due to the P2P requirement and no ability to connect to a WiFi access point. once i have completed the build with the ESP chips, i will post my results and share.

more to follow.

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Awesome! Yep, please share :slight_smile:



Welcome to the Cayenne Community!

I have had success with ESP8266 (Adafruit Huzzah is my weapon of choice) and Cayenne, but I haven’t tried any NRF stuff yet. I think I know what will be in my next order from my favorite parts house!

Again welcome,

so i have a success story consisting of Chyenne and the ESP 8266 ESP-07.

i connected up a LED to pin GPIO PIN 5 and a Dallas Digital temp sensor to GPIO PIN 4 on my ESP-07.
i connected the Dallas sensor up to the ESP-07 thinking i had good temp readings, but no luck so far and will do some debugging tomorrow. i am able to turn on and off the light from a output widget created for on/off.

i will put together a full writeup as soon as i have time, in the meantime i will post a video to show my success.

here is the video…

more to follow

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This is awesome! (Sorry for the late response here…) Please please post the write up when you have time. We are working on getting some UI out for the ESP8266, but I’m glad it can still be added using the Arduino device.

Thanks so much for posting, feel free to post your write-up in the Projects Made with Cayenne category :slight_smile:

–I’ll go ahead and post your video to the Cayenne Videos category too.