Octo MAX31855 thermocouple breakout board


Noob question…

I found this breakout board that has an interesting price and would fit the number of sensors one would need for solar / heating controls in a home automation system.


1 Ambient temperature outside home
4 Tank sensors for temperatures at various levels in 1000 liter tank
1 Heating circuit temperature to radiators
1 Spare

The board should work with either a RPi or Arduino (3.3 or 5V selectable)

Question: Would I be able to read the sensors via Cayenne dashboard or would I have to wait for MAX31855 to be supported?

If not does anyone know of another configuration that might work out for multiple temp sensors? I like the K type since I’ll eventually also be wanting to read higher temperatures in the furnace flue that can go up to 500 C at times.

Any thoughts or ideas appreciated!


If you are planning on using an Arduino you can do it right now. You can also do it now with a Pi using MQTT since it is not natively supported, but there aren’t many projects posted yet that would help you figure this out. Hope that answers your question!


Thanks Adam!

Have an arduino yun and mega clone on order to play around with.

Instead of RPi’s all over, will try using arduino for data collection since most of the devices I plan to use will likely be analog.