Onewire temp sensor - auto detected on GPIO Pin 4

any possibility of changing the -3865438 to disconnected?

also how do i connect multiple sensors on one line as the device allows? nifty feature would also be to scan for all connected devices and display the addresses

  1. Yes we can do that we’ll put it our backlog.
  2. You mean I2C devices ? It’s planned !


No actually meant on the onewire line, multiple ds18b20 can be connected on one port

Multiple 1-Wire sensor is supported and all are automatically detected, then it are supposed to appear on the dashboard.

Need to be connected to GPIO pin 4 too.

Hey Chaun, we just tested this, and multiple DS18B20 are supported on the dashboard when connected to GPIO 4. The sensors are automatically detected too, so you don’t need to go through the add process. This takes away the need of displaying the slave addresses too. Or do you still want the slave addresses displayed?


detection of a DS18B20 is not automatically. I have to know the slave address.
At least in my case - no auto detection even after a restart


Hi Bogdan,

Hmmm, we’ve tested this multiple times, what OS are you using? Also, make sure it’s connected to GPIO 4. and are you able to see the 1-wire sensor on WebIOPI?

please report the result of following commands
cat /etc/webiopi/config.devices
ls /sys/bus/w1/devices

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