Orange Pi Plus 2


Is there a predict to launch for Orange Pi Plus 2? I installed on my Orange Pi plus 2. It goes on line but with no GPIOs and all gauges (memory, cpu, etc) are dead.


Hmmm. I’ll need to research this. I recently ordered a Banana Pi to see if it works out of box with Cayenne. I’ll do same with Orange.

Curious, specific reason for choosing Orange Pi over over Rasbperry Pi?


Thank you for the answer.

My choose by Orange Pi plus 2 is because it’s more powerful ( 4 x 1.2GHz ) and with a lot of on-board peripherals (emmc, wifi, sata, IR, etc). Only now Raspberry 3 comes with wifi and more powerful.
Of course, Orange is more expensive.

Is there a way to help you to develop a solution using my Orange board?


On the /proc/cpuinfo file, I have:

Hardware : sun8i
Revision: 0000


Were you using Raspbian Jessie or Wheezy on the Orange Pi?


I’m using Lubuntu 15.04 and LXDE


You might try the latest version of Raspian Jessie. We don’t support Lubuntu.



I 'll install so. No problem


Let me know how it goes!



Hi, it worked properly your “orange pi” ?


worked. but not visible cpu temp & network speed


How were you able to get your orange pi to install mydevices? Some guidance if you could.