Cayenne for UP2 it's possible

I’m testing Cayenne on the up2 board .I’m using ubilinux and this board that is based on rpi2 but the installation stops. I seem to understand that there is no Python 3 but it is actually installed .Is there anything I can do ? I think that for cayenne it is very interesting to give support also to this card
. Thanks for any information

Hi @fammagg ,

Tagging @jburhenn who might be able to help here.


Try installing the Python development headers using:

sudo apt-get install python3-dev

ok installing python developmet and go sudo bash rpi_xt20l…sh -v
Run install and no error
the system was restarted at the end
but at restart the system is never seen
I think everything has been installed, but not being a rpi has not started the service. What can I do ?

What’s the output of sudo service myDevices status and sudo service webiopi status ?

Hello Adam
Thank you for answering . Everything seems active
What do you think?

What do you see on the Cayenne dashboard? Service status looks ok.

The status is offline .The board is probably not recognized by Cayenne because it is based on the intel x86 architecture.

In that case there is also the MQTT connection that you can use to send data to Cayenne.

OK In this case I would have CPU with great computing power used as a raspberry. In this case the 8 GB of DDR4 RAM and the PENTIUM cpu would not be used completely (as power). Correct?

@fammagg I would second @adam and recommend checking out the mqtt connection libraries :slight_smile:

Any luck getting this board online with Cayenne @fammagg ?



I think this very powerful board is wasted on electronics.
For electronics it is better an esp8