Other microcontrollers

I think Cayenne should also launch support for other microcontrollers. Because according to industrial point of view many people use microcontrollers. Like ARM, PIC microcontrollers.

What you say?

what you mean?

MQTT beta support will be released soon which will allow you to use any sensor/micro controller you want as long as it directly supports MQTT (the Arduino IDE and Pi both do) or you are ok with using an MQTT gateway to send the data. I’m sure MyDevices will have all sorts of info posted about how to use it but I’m working on a project right now that uses node-RED as an MQTT gateway.

Yep, as @adam mentioned, we will be releasing an MQTT API that will allow you to bring on any board to Cayenne… hoping to release it early next week! Stay tuned.

Did you have a specific board you were thinking of making work with Cayenne?


I want board like ARM microcontroller Tiva launch pad TM4C123 should be available as it has large number of users.

Just wanted to follow up here and let you know you the Cayenne MQTT API should allow you to bring any microcontroller inside Cayenne :slight_smile: Check out our docs and let us know how you like it!



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