Cayenne MQTT Support for LaunchPad CC3200 Board

Texas Instruments has a nice WiFi board, the LaunchPad CC3200. It features a Cortex-M4 MCU with embedded WiFi. Development is done with Energia, based on the Arduino framework and IDE.

Any plans to add support for it? Thank you!

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-any advantages over the Esp8266 family? The TI board seems…expensive at $30

Expensive? Just consider the cost instead of the price.

We’re building a MQTT API right now, which will allow you to bring on any device such as the LaunchPad CC3200. And once one community member gets the board working with the API, they can share that code so other community members can use the code to get the same device online :slight_smile: As far as native support for the LaunchPadCC3200, it depends on the popularity and how many Cayenne community members are asking for it.


Thank you for your answer. I’ll test the MQTT API when it is available.


You’re welcome to make new threads about Cayenne, ESP, whatever IoT releated topic you’d like. But please don’t continue to bump very old or unrelated threads. I’m not sure how this relates to the LaunchPad CC3200 Board.

Hey @rei_vilo,

Wanted to follow up here with you. We just Beta released the Cayenne MQTT API! Do you think you could try to use it to get your LaunchPad CC3200 board connected in Cayenne? You can check out the release info here. I’m also offering a $$ reward for submitting code for getting a board connected to Cayenne, if you’re interested :slight_smile:

Let me know! Excited for you to try it out.


Thank you for noticing me. That’s great news!

I’ll give a try and let you know.

I managed to get the Cayenne MQTT API running on the CC3200 LaunchPad with the just released Sensors BoosterPack. It just required a couple of modifications of the code of the libraries.

I was delighted to see the dashboard recognised the data I was sending automatically.

Attached a screen-shot of the dashboard.

How do I share the editions I’ve done on the libraries and the code of the project?

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Hey there @rei_vilo,

Whoa, nice dashboard! I’m delighted that you’re delighted.

I’m actually launching a rewards program for sharing the libraries and code of your project/board so that other Cayenne users can use it. I’ve outlined the steps here. This is a new program we’re launching, so let me know if something does not make sense…Once your code gets submitted to Cayenne Github page then I will send you $50 paypal for your efforts and contribution to Cayenne!

Keep me updated on your progress, I’ll be following :slight_smile:


Please find the modified Cayenne MQTT Arduino Library for Energia with 2 examples, CC3200_Cayenne and CC3200_Sensors_Cayenne.



Cayenne Setup

Identical to the setup for MQTT with Arduino but using the Energia IDE instead.

The nice thing is the Cayenne dashboard detects all the measures automatically, even the content (temperature) and the unit used (°C).

Just custom the parameters and confirm each of them. The dashboard is ready!


Hi @rei_vilo,

Just checking in here, I’ve ordered the board and once we can test it with your code in-office, we’ll ask you to submit Pull Request to myDevices Github :slight_smile: This is great!


Hi @rei_vilo,

The device arrived and we tested your code. It worked great! Just one thing, can you add links on how/where to install the device drivers?

Once this is done, I can send you a PayPal gift for $50 :slight_smile: What is the best email to use for PayPal?


Thank you for the update. I’m glad everything worked fine as expected!

To install the libraries on Energia, please follow this step-by-step Managing Energia Libraries procedure.

It is actually the same as for the Installing Additional Arduino Libraries procedure.

For the device drivers, I’ve adapted the existing CayenneArduinoDefines.h, CayenneMessage.h and DetectDevice.h files. The Energia WiFi library shares the same functions with the Arduino WiFi library.

I’ve added the relevant #if defined(ENERGIA)#else#endif to add support for the CC3200 LaunchPad and for the other LaunchPads with the CC3100 BoosterPack.

Please let me know whether I have the green light to perform a pull-request.

I’m PM-ing you my PayPal e-mail! Thank you again.


I’ve posted a review on my website, IoT with Cayenne MQTT.


Great overview of your project!