Pi Zero GPIO status does not restore after any reason of restart


Even the problem seams serious, the description is easy :slight_smile:
I have just started to use Cayenne a few weeks ago. At first I have connected an Arduino Uno (R3) to switch on/off some relays to test the reliability of the device. It works well, even after a reboot of any reason (e.g. power failure). Cayenne restores the original state of the GPIO automatically.

I have bought a Pi Zero and set up one pin only to switch on and off a LED on GPIO 17.
I have installed every sw component including Cayenne, than disabled the Raspbian GUI to save CPU resource. It is working, I can switch on and off the LED. But there is a bug.
Unfortunately Cayenne does not restore the state of the pin after a reboot, or shutdown. The web GUI (I use cayenne.mydevices.com web GUI) shows the status of the LED ON, but the LED is OFF and can not be restored by Cayenne automatically. Moreover, I can not change the state of the LED anymore until I remove it and recreate the widget.

I do not know, whether it is a typical user error (I believe no) or somehow Cayenne cannot restore the original state of the GPIOs in case of Pi Zero.

I would highly appreciate any help!


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I do remember there being a bug where values on boot were not applied. It mostly affected people using relays but this case would be the same. I haven’t heard of anyone having issues with removing/adding widgets to get them to work though. Maybe @bestes has some better info on that.


Dear Adam,

Thanks a lot, I will ask him (bestes)!
/But before asking I’ll try to delete it from Cayenne, also reinstall OS on Pi Zero, than recreate it in Cayenne again./