Price for using the cayenne service for commercial purpose


I want to use cayenne service for commercial purpose with my own branding . Can anyone tell me the price for the service for commercial purpose . Thank You


Hi @sugamprakash, welcome to the Cayenne Community, and thank you for your interest in the platform!

I’m going to put you in touch with one of my business development colleagues via email who is better positioned to help you with these questions and with your business needs.


Hi. I am interested in using the tool in a non-commercial corporate environment. I would also like to receive information about it.
Thank you very much.


Can you send an email to We’ll have someone from our team reach out to you from there :slight_smile:



Hi rsigel,

Can you forward that information to me as well.



Hey, I edited out your email just since I’d hate to see you get a lot of spam if your address gets scraped from the forum. I’ll private message you about who to contact.


Could I please have the information on commercial uses?
Thank you,


Hi Craig,

You can contact as @bestes mentioned earlier and they should be able to get you the appropriate information.