Which is best for commercial purposes?

Hi, Cayenne community
May I know which is best for commercial purposes in terms of price, Blynk or Cayenne?
Thanks in advance.

Do not create multiple topics.
Cayenne is free to use and there is no fee for it. For commercial i guess i already answered you.

Noooo, I’m not spamming this website.
The previous message was just a post under a topic that doesn’t belong to me. YOU COULD CHECK IT OUT.
I’ve discovered Cayenne recently because I’ve used Blynk for a while.
If this post goes against your community rules, then you have the ownership to remove it.

it is not about spamming but you asked some question in other topic and you could have continued there in place of creating another separate topic that belong to you. At last it is you who is asking the question and does not matter if you own the topic.

@N4SIRODDIN3 We do not recommend Cayenne for commercial use case. We have a sister product that is tailored for commercial & enterprise deployment. You may visit https://mydevices.com/work-with-us/