Problem after reset / reconnecting NodeMCU

It seems to me that Sliders send data only when you change the value on them. This is because the data is sent in a CAYENNE_IN + getValue.asInt function.

The thing is that after resetting my device, i don’t have those values in my variables (Because I didn’t send an Input action) so everything starts working wrongly.
I can imagine for example that if light goes off, all my timers would go crazy, loosing control, unless I slide the slider manually.

So, is there a way to read sliders values without using CAYENNE_IN + getValue.asInt? (That requires an human action)
The other idea i had was to save the last value in memory, then in the setup function (which runs only once after resetting) read those values.

Thank you

this is the only solution you have. look at this for example RFID based attendance monitoring system

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