Problem DHT22 MQTT


Problems with DHT22 sensor recognition
I’m using:
• raspberry pi3 B
• DHT22 sensor

After running the site’s instructions via the terminal, this is the result of the MQTT screen
I can not activate MQTT.

Can not create mqtt, is waiting for connection to the card
How to insert the device, what type should the sensor be ??? Generic ???
Python code screen ( with changes (I only have DHT 22)

Thank you!!!


From the screen shots it looks like you are using the project I posted (the screen shots are very small and hard to see). Everything looks ok from what I can see, so my guess is that either the username/password/client id is incorrect somewhere or you have a firewall blocking port 1883. If you want to PM me your python script I can run it and see if it you get anything on your dashboard.



I just got to insert my DHT sensor, congratulations to the instructions, they gave me
A bit of work, but now everything is ok, thanks !!!


Glad to hear, good job!