Problem in run on raspberry pi

Hi thank you cayenne
I have problem with cayenne when I added to the raspberry pi and i use gpio for Relay module and i turn on the raspberry atuo matic some of them will turn on and thats is very bad for my system please Help me to solve my problem thanks so much​:worried::worried::worried::worried::worried:

This problem I believe is inherent to the Rpi. Are you inverting the signal? If you invert the signal then when the Rpi reboots all relays will energize. I had this trouble and all my devices energized and that wasn’t good. In other words set up your relay contacts to energize your devices when the relay led goes out. Your devices will energize for just a moment on reboot.


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Okay how can i slove it

What @wmontg5988 is a good solution

I may have just confused things.

Rpi gpio outputs will always go high and stay there after reboot.

  1. Use the normally closed relay contacts

  2. Do not invert logic

  3. The led on relay board will light up opening the contacts therefore the load connected will be off.

  4. If you reboot, your loads will energize momentarily and then revert back to off.

The desire to have the relay led on when load is energized just won’t work.

Led on load off. Led off load on

Make sense?


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