Projects - GONE


There is some bug/error with server - all my projects are gone, missing, in both web and Android app.

Projects are not found

Same here as well. And even after adding your projects again it keeps vanishing.


I have same problem. @bestes




Mine are not totally gone, I can not see them from the PC webbrowser but I can still use them from the iphone APP


Same in my web panel…


@mikolaj @i.delamo @nitrogenwidget @tad.dvor @soubir @vedran.musica investigating now. Keep you updated.



@bestes Oh, and one more info: If I create new project, it is visible and accessible until I reload webpage. After reload, no more project. Haven’t tried with Android app, because I usually make projects through web interface…


@vedran.musica @mikolaj @i.delamo @nitrogenwidget @tad.dvor @soubir We pushed a small update to the history graph widget yesterday, looks like it introduced the bug you are experiencing. Your projects are there, it’s a UI issue with actually displaying the project view. We have the fix in place and are waiting to deploy it.

Keep you updated!



Thanks - waiting :slight_smile:


Also here project are missing. It seems that the bug is related everyone, not a specific profiles.


My projects are also gone…


Yep, projects gone from both PC browser and mobile. ‘Added’ one back in and it’s instantly gone as soon as I leave the app or log out.


Also Drvices from Android App are gone:

This is screenshot from Nexus 5:

This is from Windows 10 Mozilla Browser:

On a desktop I can see all of my devices.


Same for me


@ognqn.chikov @gauthierpierre007 so there are two things here. We still have not deployed fix for the projects view not displaying. Since there is still functionality by controlling / viewing from the device itself, it’s looking like we are delaying the udpate to next Thursday so we can include some other features in the code push.

About the Android app, the reason why not all devices are displaying is because MQTT devices are not supported in the mobile apps yet. It is something our mobile devs are working to support. I know it’s not an ideal situation to only have web dashboard support for MQTT devices for now, but it will not always be this way!

Hang in there, and we’re sorry for the issues here. :slight_smile:



Hi team,

So this bug is still there, right? also my projects disapeare from my dashboard


I think that the update will be make in Thursday. After that we can test and report if this bug is still in operation.


Yes, bug is still there. It will be fixed this week :slight_smile:


Hi Bestes,

Thank you so much, great I will wait :smiley: next week will be a very nice week with my projects in the dashboard LOL :smiley: