Project Disappeared on iOS

So I can see my project on my browser, but on my iPhone it says no active widgets or triggers under that project. Wassup with that?

Hi @robertmenard63,

Can you please post a screenshot of what the iOS looks like?


So… I guess I just lost my project?

Hi @robertmenard63,

That shouldn’t be the case, it’s probably just the iOS app not refreshing itself. Try force closing the Cayenne app by double-tapping the home button then swiping the Cayenne app offscreen, then re-opening it and checking the projects view there again.

We’re doing a big overhaul of how we handle syncing between web and mobile in the first part of 2017 that should resolve these issues. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks for the suggestion, it was not successful. nor was turning the entire phone off and back on. It’s gone. Is there anyway to take the data from the browser and sending it to the phone?

Very odd. All of the data is server side, so its just a matter of making sure the iOS app does a full pull from the server. It’s still there when you check the web dashboard, right? (I assume so based on what you just wrote).

It’s overkill and you shouldn’t have to, but just as a sanity check, could you delete the app from your iOS device, then re-grab it from the App Store? You’ll need to log back in on first launch of the reinstalled app, but that should definitely grab the latest from the server.

Nope no change. Project is not accessible on the iPhone. It is on the web based browser.

Very disappointing… I guess you get what you pay for.

In that case it must be some state of the data on the account that the iOS app isn’t able to read. Would you be willing to share your credentials via PM so I can have a look with an engineer tomorrow?

Sure but I don’t know what you mean by 'credentials." PM sent regardless.

Just updating the public thread in case anyone is reading this in the future. It looked like the issue causing the iOS app to get mixed up was an Arduino device in pending state. Removing it allowed the projects view to show OK again, and having a fully added Arduino device should not cause the issue in the first place.

This will be fixed in the next iOS app release

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