Push data from Sigfox (LPWAN) to Cayenne Dashboard



I’m playing with a Basic Iot Board (smartEverything fox) that use a Sigfox connection. Do you thinks its possible to improve this connection type in the dashboard like LORA ?



Hi @russo.spc,

We do have plans to support SigFox inside Cayenne :slight_smile: Is this what you were asking?



Yes Benny it’s !
thank you


Hi @russo.spc,

Sigfox integration to Cayenne dashboard is still coming. We just pushed Loriot integration, and we currently support Actility and Senet. Are these network providers an option for you?



Soory, I’m in Italy and for sigfox the provider is nettrotter, I don’t know these two other system. I’ll study to improve my knowledge.
Do you think to Implement also for arduino board ?
Thank you


Any progress on the Sigfox-Cayenne integration? I’d be happy to beta test.


Try this:.


Thanks! Where do I login to Cayenne’s NodeRed?


Node-RED is actually another program that runs locally on the Pi. At the bottom of his post there is a ink to a thread I made a while back that describes how to set it up.


ok. Thanks. I don’t see how running a service on an Raspberry Pi is going to be reliable enough for a big LPWAN deployment.

If I need to host things myself I might as well go with thingsboard.io, which is more mature and more feature-rich than Cayenne. I’ve been looking at thingsboard anyway since I’m getting nowhere with the Cayenne API.