RPI Dashboard widgets only

Hi There,

I’m using a Raspberry PI so send data to Cayenne with success but I set it up as my own device (because I need to do specific things) but I loved the integrated RPI dashboard done with the agent.

So my question is, is there any way using MQTT and script to have the same dashboard when I add a board.

In fact I’d like to see data without installing all suite such as agent, webiopi, … I just need RAM/CPU/MEM widget and I don’t want to have any remote access nor GPIO management.
I think there is a script tu run on PI to send this to cayenne, no problem on this.

I didn’t find any widget for this. Any idea ?

Thanks for your help

Hi @hallard04,

Welcome to the Cayenne community my friend!

I think there is definitely a way. We just came out with our MQTT API that should allow you to do what you’ve described. Have you checked it out yet?


I don’t anyone in the community has developed MQTT for the Raspberry Pi yet. Would you be interested in publishing something for MQTT and the Pi with Cayenne?



Hi @bestes,

Yes the API is working fine and I already have some data pushed from my gateway

But still don’t know how to have the excellent RPI widget for RAM/CPU/TEMP we have with the RPI agent

Curious about your devices…are you on The Things Network ?

I ask because of the ‘ttn’ labeling.


yes, you’re right I’m monitoring some TTN gateway we make :wink:

I’d love having TTN on Lora beta in cayenne :slight_smile:

VERY cool what you are doing.

I’d love it too! …Stick around and I have a hunch you will see it :wink:

Combination of network server (TTN), affordable LoRa hardware (like the setup you are using), and powerful application server (Cayenne) gives LoRa access to makers around the world. I am very excited for this.

Your TTN gateways are production ready? I’d be interested in replicating your setup…I’ll be working on setting up TTN network here in LA beginning of 2017…


Yeah I’ve got some gateways, I trying to improve them to make them easier and cheaper, actually trying to get them working with $9 CHIP computer because it’s cheap and affordable with LIPO charger on board and 4GB of flash, of course BLE + WiFi :wink:

I’d love to get back in US doing this kind of work with my company, so if you need or know people interested in service/assistance on any project, don’t hesitate to ask :wink:

I’ve updated sensors core to be in nodejs as a service with a cool install script, works like a charm on all gateways