Quadrature Encoder widget

I sincerely Hope I’m in the right place for this topic. I’m interested in utilizing the above quadrature encoder to measure speed, distance and direction for a tool to measure the length of machine belts of an unknown length.
DO YOU MAKE “widgets” that work with such a thing?
Or should I have a program written and use SSH instead?
Your timely response would be greatly appreciated.
ROBERT L Krieger Jr.

Hi Robert, welcome to the Cayenne Community.

In general we don’t have widgets that are specific to individual models of hardware, preferring to have generic widgets that can be used with many different sensors.

For example, if you look at the Custom Widgets that are available (and coming soon) on our website, you can see some widgets that you could assign to each data point coming from the device, for example a Gauge widget to display the speed, or a value widget to display distances.

An encoder should be read with interrupt on change inputs to make sure you don’t miss steps. Especially at any speed. You may be able to get a good response with an Arduino using say this library (see Interrupt under examples) GitHub - brianlow/Rotary: Rotary encoder library for Arduino. However, on a Raspberry Pi, success may vary based on the OS latency (Real Time better), and the speed you are trying to capture.

Better may be to have a chip to read the encoder, and your Pi or Arduino reading the encoder count when it can.

Better may be just to read a magnetic pickup (hall effect) for speed.

Once you have a solid value, it is a cinch to get it into Cayenne!



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Thank you Everyone for your time and consideration as well as your suggestions. Here is a link of interest regarding a chip between the encoder and Arduino.
Found this article and thought it might help:

Respectfully Submitted,
ROBERT l Krieger Jr.