Questions for MyDevices Community / Cayenne developers for the purpose of writing how-to Articles

Hello Everyone,
This is Terry King. I am working on writing how-to Articles for http://ArduinoInfo.Info and doing development of a YourDuino Cayenne Starter Kit. At first this is all Arduino oriented. I have 3 categories of questions and I will put them up separately if that is OK… ?? First:

(1) HOW Does It Work??
Cayenne works with no Net setup or configuration needed by the user. How does that work?

  • Many IOT projects require the users to open ports on their router, define the IP address etc. Cayenne does not require this.

What is the best way to explain this technology to readers / users?

Regards, Terry King
…In The Woods in Vermont, USA

Hi Terry! You’ve come to the right place for questions :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see the finished articles and developing the kit.

How technical of an answer do you think your readers are expecting? How does this sound?..

“Cayenne does the ‘heavy lifting’ through the Cayenne library that is downloaded to the Arduino IDE. The Cayenne Library is a collection of code, known as sketch files, that makes it easy for you to connect and send data to and from sensors, actuators and devices connected to Arduino boards. Cayenne sketch files can be combined with other sketch files for your IoT projects.”

Hi Bestes,
Thanks… That’s a good description of what Cayenne can do for people.

I also want to be able to tell HOW Cayenne does the Ethernet/Web connection without users having to worry about routers etc. We get 20000 hits a day on ArduinoInfo.Info and there is a wide variety of readers. But many are technical or want to learn more about how things work.

Regards, Terry King
…In The Woods in Vermont, USA

I just visited your site- very nice-
LEARNING does not discriminate.

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HUMANS … Are Never Off Topic :slight_smile:

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