Ethernet connection

Forgive me if this seems elementary… Is there a group specific to the use of cayenne using arduino in a middle school or HS classroom? Do I have to have a ethernet or WiFi shield on the arduino to use cayenne or can you just download code using the USB port.

Hi @klupton, no worries at all, we love newbies here – thank you for joining the community – I’m the same one who just wrote you a quick email.

Cayenne does require an internet connection but it can be accomplished in many different ways, whether it’s adding an Ethernet or WiFi Shield, or even passing a connection through a USB cable from an internet-connected computer. You can see our list of Arduino connection options here

If you need any help with configuring or choosing from that list, or just have other questions about Cayenne in general, you’re in the right place to ask. Don’t be shy about creating new threads here if you have a new topic to discuss in the future, either. :slight_smile:

When uploading the sketch from the IDE I get “An error occurred while uploading the sketch”, I have Arduino Uno serial USB connection selected as the board connection and have copied and pasted the sketch code to the IDE. I have checked that my arduino is connected on COM3 and that it agrees in the IDE tools.

Usually that’s a configuration issue in the IDE, but sounds like you checked everything. Are you able to upload the blink example?