Raley auto on/off

Hallo all,
i have one question:
Is it possible add raley devices with parameter for auto switch off after 2s?

Thaks for your ideas and answer

Hi @marek.olsansky,

Welcome to the Cayenne community! Hmmm, this sounds like something our upcoming Timer Widget will be able to handle. Right now, would not be possible to add that parameter from Cayenne. Though you could add that locally on the device, for example on an Arduino. Every time the relay is turned on you can have the Arduino turn it off after 2 secs.


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Is it any time, when “timer widget” be able to use?
Thanks for your answer

It’s toward the top of our development priority list. I’m always a bit hesitant to give a specific date, but I think I’m comfortable saying Early 2017. I’ll update here if I get any more specific information on its progress.


Hello, do you already have a forecast of when the resource will be implemented?

Hi @leonardosilveira06, and welcome to the Cayenne Community!

Our product development clearly took a different course than I’d expected when I posted about this in this thread last year, apologies if you were counting on that date. We’re in the process of acquiring a Cayenne dedicated developer, and this will be one of their top new feature priorities after squashing a few long standing stability issues/bugs. I’m not comfortable giving another specific date at this time but we still do intend to add this feature.

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I am also excited for when we release this :slight_smile: Working out 2018 roadmap now !