Triggers for 15 min delays

I have a hydroponics setup and I would like to use a relay to shut the pump off for 15 minutes then turn it back on for 15 minutes all day.
or 15 on 10 off ect…

I can do this with scripting but I would much rather be able to do this with your triggers.
Is this possible or can you add it to the list.
The only way I could see doing it would be adding a ton of triggers for each hour of the day which would take forever to setup.

I use my relays to remotely trigger doors and gates to open. I would like to set the on / off trigger in seconds if a button was pressed.

@mase.hacker @marthinus.swanepoel

This feature is already designed and is in the queue to be released! Cayenne community brought this up some time ago and we will be implementing this after Arduino Integration is released. Hang in there! I’m VERY excited for this one.