Raspberry Pi 3 / PCA9685 --> Luminosity not working

Hello i have a issue whit getting Luminosity to work =(
i have adding Luminosity on dashboard true PCA9685 channel 0
but when im sliding it up to a point, it just go back to 0,
but if i go in under Extensions and slide it in there, it works ! but not on the dashboard… anyone has the same issue ?

Cayenne 2

Hmmm. Did you change the Slider Settings so that max value was 500 and step value was .1?


I have a question regarding this luminosity. Can i use to pwm to increase or decrease brightness of AC 220 V , 5 Amp Light bulb? or can you please tell me how i can integrate this in cayenne? I will be waiting for your kind response.

Not directly. If you have a device that accepts a PWM signal and does the dimming for you then that would work. What hardware do you currently have?