Bug Filed on 04-28-2016: pca9685

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Android & Web

What OS? (Jessie, Wheezy)

What Model Pi?

Rasp 2

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I have the PCA9685 working in channel 7 connected to a LED, just to understand how it works. Works perfect but it seems that, after rebooting the control does not work anymore.

Now, if I go to settings, change from channel 7 to channel whatever and save and then again from channel whatever to channel 7, it works again.

Any ideas ?

Thank you and regards


Can you try using the ‘Luminosity’ widget and see if the issue reproduces? I’m assuming you used a generic 'PWM Output widget"?


I am using the Luminosity widget.

I deleted it and created an Analog Actuator it seems that works OK after a couple of reboots.

Now I deleted the Analog Actuator and created the Luminosity again and after several reboots always worked. Strange.

If this happens again I will let you know.

Yes, please let us know. Thanks for reporting! I’ll move this topic to resolved now if you don’t mind.