Relay sequense 10 steps a 60min each with cayenne

Hi, I have 10 water valves that control of watering my lawn . I would like to start a relay output to valve number 1 this should be active for 60 minutes and then , the program step to the next exit , which also must be active for 60 minutes this should be done in 10 steps since the program will stop .
I have an Arduino Uno linked to cayenne .

it is possible to build this feature in Cayenne ? I’ve tried but did not come up with something good, would be very grateful for your comments

Hi @filipbjorklund_80,

So Cayenne has a scheduling feature that I’m not sure if you were aware about? This might be able to work for your use case. However, we are working on a timer widget right now that may solve your use case better.

Here is the thread for the timer discussion from the community:

Would love to hear more about your project if you get if up and running. This sounds like something we’d love to feature on our website as one of the projects made using Cayenne!