Release Notes November 6, 2017 (Android app update)

Release Notes November 6, 2017

Android App Version 1.3.3

Bug Fixes

  • Bugfixes to address crashes that may have been seen in previously released version.

  • Greatly reduced the “Server Error” messages that were displaying in various parts of the app.


Very good!
There’s still a bug using the slider widget on the Android app. When I try to move the slider I get:
“Cannot connect to remote device”.
Working well from the web ui.

Agreed, thanks for the feedback. This is a known bug that didn’t get tackled with this release – we wanted to get the crash fix out the door quickly. We’ll work to get this resolved as soon as possible.


Another annoying problem with the Android app occurs when the application goes in background and after some time it’s activated again: in this case the connection with your server is often lost and the displayed values are freezed (old values are displayed). Widgets are not working as well, and no error messages are shown.
Maybe a connection status check is missing when the application is resumed.
I need to close the app (with android “task manager”) and start it again.

@rsiegel i got same issue : have you try to “refresh” screen by sliding from top to botom ?

The text device appeared in black , and could play with widget.

But sometimes widget doesn’t response :slightly_frowning_face: like now …

You should be able to refresh by returning to the Devices menu and then returning to the individual device/project dashboard. I’m not sure that the pull-to-refresh pictured about is 100% necessary.

No question that we need a check to pull fresh data when the application is resumed from backgrounding, and I’ll share as much with our development team. But until then hopefully this will allow you to avoid the steps of force closing the app through task manager.

I confirm it’s working for me. Only data of my sensor was displayed, Button Widget doesn’t response.
i return to Devices and returning to project dashboard and working fine . :ok_hand:

@samarchri @rsiegel not for me, at least buttons are not working even if I go back to the device’s list (I can’t see feedbacks).
Thanks for the support, I think it is and it will be a great framework! Keep on working! :slight_smile:

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