Release Notes March 20, 2017 (Android App Update)

Release Notes March 20, 2017

Android App Version 1.2.8

This is a bug fixing release for the Cayenne Android app. Lots of bugs squashed in preparation for our next feature release. The update is live now in the Google Play Store so check for updates!

  • Fixed an issue where MQTT/LoRa based triggers on your Cayenne account could stop Pi and Arduino triggers from displaying in the app.

  • App now retains order of re-ordered widgets

  • It is now possible to edit the ‘notify’ part of an if/then trigger on the Android app

  • Scheduler events viewed on an Android device set to 24-hour time now display in that time format in the app, and the 24 hour time picker is available while creating/editing events.

  • Fixed an issue where Generic Analog Input widgets were missing the ‘choose unit’ dropdown

  • Fixed an issue where events created on Android would be missing the account owner’s first name when viewed on Web

  • Fixed several issues related to adding a new widget to a Project view via the app.

  • Updated several broken tutorial links

  • Additional crash and bug fixes


Is the new Arduino Uno Wifi supported by Cayenne
Thanks oldvolt

Hi @jsmcaveety, not explicitly within the Cayenne Arduino UI, see this thread: Please make support for Arudino Uno WiFi

Since the device is effectively an Arduino Uno with a ESP8266 attached, you may be able to use or modify this sketch in order to connect to Cayenne. I’m not sure we’ve seen anyone do it successfully just yet, so if you’re successful please report back and share what worked with the community!

I have added your request to our product roadmap – we’re seeing a growing number of requests for support for this board.

Good day @jsmcaveety,

From the linked thread, you will see that there is an I2C UART (SC16IS750IBS) that is used to communicate between the ATmega328 and the ESP8266EX.

Nothing we have supports this yet, and if a driver is created, a library will need to be made for this variant that is like the standard Arduino WiFi library as this is what the Cayenne bits expect.

I don’t actually have one so haven’t put much effort into developing code for it.



The library support for the Uno WiFi was incomplete and as far as I know not fixed, at least not using ArduinoWiFi.h.

However, this looks interesting…