Remote control of a heating over the LoRaWAN network

LPN DO from comtac AG used to control an output over the LoRaWAN network.

The LPN DO used to control remotly for example an output to set the heating into normal operation or used to sink temperature to save energy during a long stay off.
This is very usefull for vacation houses or appartments:


Hello, Very nice project! I want to ask you about the source codes that you use? Can you post them, as well as describe the build step by step if you can of course :slight_smile:
Thank you.

Thanks for showing off this project @stefan.zimmermann. I like that we are starting to see more LoRa projects submitted using Cayenne.

Would be nice if you could provide a link of where to buy the product and any documentation or helpful links for other people to reference who might want to do a similar project :slight_smile:


Hi there,

thank you for your quick response…
Source code you do not need, you can configure that directly in cayenne. Means if you like to set the output, just pust “Digital Out 1” in the cayenne interface.
You can then select and add custom triggers (time schedules, or other Inputs to remotly switch this on).

The really nice devices, which allow you to control things over the LoRaWAN (class C devices which always listening) can you buy here directly:



Hi Benny,

thx for your advice!
Can you add the filter “LoRa” to the solution page?


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I agree with ognqn.chikov, the source code for the integration of the lora end point device to the lora gateway and then onto the cayenne can be a challenge. since the lora endpoint is probably just sending a string or integrer data (radio), we need to decompile into human data to process on Cayenne. This can be simple using TTN interface to MQTT or not…Can you elaborate on this portion (Radio) of the data processing? Thanks