Renewable Energy Monitoring Tools to educate STEM for PAST


About This Project

This project was created with partnership with IGS Energy and PAST foundation to teach students about using renewable energy as a power source.
The project consists of two modes :
(1) Energy Monitoring Mode where upto 4 hand-crank-generated modules can be cranked and their energy generated can be seen in real-time.
(2) Game Mode : where 2 teams (consisting of 2 hand-cranked generator modules each) compete for 60 seconds against each other to generate the most amount of accumulated energy.

What’s Connected

RaspeberryPi3-B+ with WiFi.
4x HandCranks (Pocket-Socket from KTor) connected to i2c based ADC that monitor voltage and another ADC that monitors current.
2x GPIO controlled Relays

Triggers & Alerts

Yes, we used a GPIO-based trigger to initiate the game that turns on the Game-Relays.


We adjusted the time-schedule of posts to be 1/4 of a second.

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project



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Very cool.


Thanks !


I would love to see a video of this in action!



nice project.


Haha, I’d like to see a video of game mode!