[RESOLVED] No change "2 state" widget esp8266

1. i always created push button first on Cayenne UI.
Then i tried many things :

  • i let Cayenne creating “tempory green widget with 0.00 or 1.00 data” => Working good on WEB UI ! (Android UI is OK)
    If i change it for “2-state” => not working on WEB UI (Android UI is OK)
  • if i create “2-state” widget first before pushing button => WEB UI not working , even if a push button (Android UI is OK)
  • if i change :

: WORKING good on WEB UI & Android UI

2. What UI doesn’t working when:

it is WEB UI (again)

in Conclusion :

  • Android UI is OK whatever the code is, or widget created.
  • For that WEB UI working : i must keep “defaut widget” whatever the code is or change Arduino code if i want to use “2-state” widget.

I see, so it behaves OK on both web & Android if you change the code to Cayenne.virtualWrite(1, current,“digital_sensor”, “d”);. This is expected for MQTT connected sensor data, that you’d need to define in the virtualWrite() statement both the data and unit types.

@rsiegel Ok. For now i’ll use finally this code :